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At the end of the year 2021, we have been seeing a succession of news regarding the territory of the Mallorca web design and the development of mobile apps Palma de Mallorca . and now a question arises, what is better? regarding SEO or the SEO company or Mallorca web positioning , usability, download improvement, adaptability to mobile devices.

Seo? Mobile App vs Web Design

Well, I'm afraid none of the 2, now what google is rewarding is a hybrid between a web page and a mobile app .

With the arrival of PWAs or the progressive web application, as long as the application renders the tags in HTML and not in the specific language of the framework that is being used. using to perform the actions like links and images.

Being faster than a website, you are, you are greatly improving your ranking in Google.

Usability of app design

It is much more usable, since the apps are already downloaded almost completely on the device, just like a native app, but in the browser and therefore they are almost instantaneous , they don't have to request each page from the server.

Adaptability to mobile devices.

Yes, we could have 2 versions of a mobile application in Palma de Mallorca , but it would be very expensive to do 2 web developments, so with the frameworks Today, as bootstrap, or Tails, we could make it adaptive to any mobile device keeping the same content as on the computer's web.

Yes. the point is that the subject of web design has evolved a lot , optimizing the way in which web pages are made, which are now much faster. request, effective and greatly reduce load resources and requests to servers or backends . That is why at DerekSolutions we are improving in this regard, offering progressive web applications for months.

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