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When it seemed that we had returned to a certain normality, the government let us out on the streets again and when it seemed that everything was normalizing, then more changes are coming, gentlemen. It seems that we live in an era of constant change and that after, I don't know how many millions of years, well maybe not millions but decades. Facebook is renamed Meta.

Is Facebook's Meta Universe the future of social media?

Well, in my opinion, it is that Facebook, or rather now, Meta, despite having large companies such as WhatsApp and Instagram, is not profitable as it would like, that is, Apple sells devices from € 1000 to € 5000, Google has Android and they are companies more profitable.
So Facebook wants to create this Meta Universe in which we will be like in a fictional movie , where everyone from home, we will go to have a coffee with your friends, but online, we will go to watch football, also online, with avatars or with some kind of holograms, which we have not really seen yet, but we have seen a bit of Mark's idea about this.

Online Marketing in a new niche

Well then, it would not be necessary for stores and establishments to appear in this parallel digital universe, of course, that like Google will charge for positioning itself in the busiest virtual streets, perhaps it will take a commission for each sale, we do not know, the fact is that this company has this idea ahead and having the resources and most important of all, the billions or trillions of users around the world. There is no other company capable of doing it.
Will it be a revolution? Or how happened to Google in his day, for trying to get into social networks with Google +, will it be a total disaster?

API for programmers, web designers and app developers

Mark Zuckerberg, no matter how hard I try to learn this last name, it never stays with me, he has said that he will provide designers, programmers and developers with very simple APIs to add content to their Meta Universe, we do not know how the integration will be or how we can develop apps for this universe, what we have seen is that for the Mallorca web designs , will have a kind of holograms in 2D, and not in 3 dimensions, so that within this universe, we can access Palma websites.

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