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I bring you the trends that have been this year and that will surely prevail in the next year 2021 in terms of online marketing Mallorca. You already know that if you work in this world it is not boring since trends and ways of getting leeds are changing very often using Online Marketing .

Crecimiento en el uso de Aplicaciones móviles Mallorca

Cada vez más la gente usa aplicaciones móviles Mallorca para acceder a contenido o para comprar o obtener información. Antes la gente entraba en un navegador y ahí lo tenía todo, si y aún lo tiene pero al crearse apps más especificas y gracias a que tienen una usabilidad mayor son más cómodas de usar y sube el número de personas que las utiliza. Por lo tanto, tiene tu empresa una app propia?

Growth in the use of mobile apps Mallorca

More and more people use Mallorca mobile applications to access content or to purchase or obtain information. Before, people entered a browser and there they had everything, yes and they still have it, but as more specific apps are created and thanks to their greater usability they are more comfortable to use and the number of people who use them increases. Therefore, does your company have its own app?

Consolidation of Chatbots

It is estimated that in 2019 65% of digital users are in contact with a chat managed by intelligent technology (Ditrendia, 2017). Chatbots allow you to simplify digital operations such as checking flights, ordering food, ordering a taxi, looking for a product in an ecommerce, etc.

Smart Speakers

Google Home, Echo, Siri, and even Cortana. Undoubtedly the great technological novelty of Christmas 2019. They still do not have a significant penetration in Spain, but the trend is up. We are talking about the need to redefine current SEO to adapt it to a voice search, and more specifically through smart speakers. The key will be to match the business keywords with which these devices detect in the search. Notwithstanding the web design Mallorca together with a well done Online Marketing is still the best option to launch yourself in this world of online sales!

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