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Diseño web Mallorca, diseño web Ibiza y diseño web Menorca

Web designer in Mallorca


The island of Mallorca is experiencing a boom in the web design sector in recent years. With the growing demand for online presence and advanced digital solutions, many small and medium-sized businesses are seeking web design professionals in Mallorca to help them maximize their online presence and improve their business opportunities.

web design mallorca

What type of web design companies are like us?


Web Design Companies

A web designer creates websites. A website is a collection of information stored on a computer system connected to the internet. Websites may be designed to provide information about a company's products and services, sell those products and services, display advertisements, host online communities, etc.

Website Development Companies

Website developers create the code that makes up the structure of a website. They are responsible for programming the content (text, images, video) and functionality of the site.

SEO Company

Get a free quote today on your web design at Mallorca!

Get a free quote today on your web design!

We are a creative web design agency based in Palma, Mallorca. We have over 18 years designing and developing websites, applications and graphics for clients around the world.

We have developed a wide range of skills and experience in web design, graphic design, application development and web development. We create visual identities, websites and applications that adapt to the needs of our clients.

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web design Mallorca

4 ways to achieve a good positioning of your web design Mallorca

I have been trying to reposition my web design in Mallorca for a month, since 2 months ago I went from among the first three positions to be on the second page! and I had been in good positions for more than 6 years, I could not say very well because Google has put the website in Mallorca in that position, perhaps the links of the competitors have increased, or they have done a better SEO on page, or perhaps I I have lost positions without more.
Meta, web development in Mallorca

What is this about the metauniverse? Why is Facebook changing the name?

When it seemed that we had returned to a certain normality, the government let us out on the streets again and when it seemed that everything was normalizing, then more changes are coming, gentlemen. It seems that we live in an era of constant change and that after, I don't know how many millions of years, well maybe not millions but decades. Facebook is renamed Meta.

Is Facebook's Meta Universe the future of social media?

web design and app design in Palma de Mallorca

The evolution in web design and mobile apps Mallorca, what is better?


At the end of the year 2021, we have been seeing a succession of news regarding the territory of the Mallorca web design and the development of mobile apps Palma de Mallorca . and now a question arises, what is better?

ideas for making mobile apps Palma de Mallorca

5 great ideas for making mobile apps

Finding the million euro idea is not easy. Haven't you found the great idea for your mobile application in Palma de Mallorca ? Here we give you the 5 ideas that are becoming fashionable.

Ideas to make a mobile app in Palma de Mallorca

1.- Augmented reality
These apps allow, through augmented reality, to see how your room or any room will be, adding furniture, floors and everything you want, so you can see the result on your mobile before doing it.
2.- Scan and convert to PDF
mobile application development in Mallorca

4 tips for mobile application development in Mallorca

But the most important thing is that, although you can be inspired by successful designs, you have to differentiate yourself. Get it and you will see how the user who downloads your app will see it as an innovative and new idea.

3. Make your app safe, protect your app

While on average, and in general, companies do not review even half of the apps they create, and many never check the security that they are produced. This translates into many records with personal data being exposed to cyberattacks.

4. Testing Eliminate the errors!

New app development of the Mallorca

New development of the Mallora Justravel app


we have developed a new Justravel app in Mallorca

Justravel is a mobile application developed in Palma de Mallorca which supports businesses on the island, offering its food services and tourist services both to people living in Mallorca and to tourists in an all-inclusive pass. Its operation is simple, users buy a daily pass, where after buying it they can use a service or have a delicious menu and by scanning a QR code they can pay for it at a reduced price.

More than 100 establishments already have their services in the mobile app

Digital marketing in Mallorca

Trends in digital marketing in Mallorca


I bring you the trends that have been this year and that will surely prevail in the next year 2021 in terms of online marketing Mallorca. You already know that if you work in this world it is not boring since trends and ways of getting leeds are changing very often using Online Marketing .

Crecimiento en el uso de Aplicaciones móviles Mallorca

web design in Palma de Mallorca

Tricks to make a good web design Palma de Mallorca


In this article we will show the main keys of how to make a web design in Palma de Mallorca or another province! To make it a beautiful and serious web page and get users to take it into account to create a conversion on the website.

Creating a beautiful website in Palma de Mallorca

A web design that helps in this heat wave in Palma de Mallorca

A web design that helps in this heat wave in Palma de Mallorca


Web design in Palma de Mallorca

Professional web design in Palma de Mallorca

Professional web design in Palma de Mallorca

We have been working a lot lately, with other agencies, with individuals and medium and large companies, and that is why we have not had much time to do many posts.
Development of multiplatform mobile apps in Palma de Mallorca

Development of multiplatform mobile apps in Palma de Mallorca


For 12 years we are working in the digital world, we have done from web pages , to marketing campaigns web positioning Mallorca or a more common name, SEO for companies.

Web design mallorca

Selected to restore the web pages of the Government of Mallorca Film Commission!

We have been selected for the rehabilitation of the website of the Government of Mallorca FIlm Commission , apparently it is the competent body for when a producer or film director wants to shoot in Mallorca, here you can find locations , how to request permits, requests to shoot, prices and all the necessary information to be able to perform the management!

We designed the Mallorca Film commission website

DerekSolutions office for web design and app development in Palma de Mallorca

Come visit us at our new offices for your web design in Palma!

That's right, we've moved! After spending more than a year at the Casa Planas facilities in Palma de Mallorca strong>, where we made very good friends that we hope to keep for a long time, we have moved all our digital gadgets to this ground floor located next to the Tennis Market in Palma de Mallorca to work in our web designs and mobile apps development.